So the time has come. It's time to touch the booty.

Sure, anal can be strange, awkward and a little messy at times, but sometimes that's half the fun! From exploring new sensations to improving prostate health, there are many reasons why anal play is as popular as it is. Here are a few handy things to keep in mind if you're planning to do the deed.

1. Relax!

If this is your first rodeo, it's understandable you may be nervous about 'riding that bull', so to speak. Most people are nervous when exploring anal for the first time, you’re not alone! Just take a few deep breaths and take a moment to fantasize about why you're interested in exploring it in the first place.

2. Eat right for at least a day beforehand

Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you ... yeah, you get it! Before taking a trip to anal pleasure-town, it's a good idea to get your gut in order first. Ditch the dairy, junky, and spicy foods and trade them in for more veggie and fibrous meals. Here's a quick guide by The Body for a "bottom friendly diet".

3. Poop beforehand

If you can sneak a quick trip to the bathroom beforehand, do it! This will help give you some peace of mind and make things easier in the clean-up department. Do remember though, that accidents can still happen and that's okay too. It's completely rational to not want to poop on someone you love, but at the same time, they knew what they were signing up for!

4. Use an enema if needed

If your trip to the loo wasn't quite all it cracked up to be, you may need the help of an enema. Simply fill it with warm water (not hot!), find a comfy position and squirt, hold it until your tummy rumbles, then evacuate the dancefloor! Here's a cute little info-graph that explains the process.

5. Use a thick and high-quality lube

Like most sexual activities, the wetter you are, the more fun you're having! While the anal cavity has its own thin layer of mucous to protect itself, it isn't self-lubricating. While a good thick water-based lube is usually a winner for anal (especially if you're using condoms), silicone-based lube is great for heavier and unprotected play. 

6. If you're super sensitive, try a numbing gel

If you want to stay on the safer side of the pleasure/pain scale, you may want to invest in a good anal relaxant. Keep in mind though that if you feel pain, your body is trying to tell you something! Even if you're using a numbing gel, still make sure to take things easy.

7. If you're super tight, try a training kit

If things are just a little too tight, you may just need to unleash your inner Karate Kid and train that butt! Anal training kits are very beginner friendly and also come in a range of different materials, from soft silicone to smooth tempered glass.

8. Experiment!

Now comes the best part, finding what works for you! Whether it's a vibrating anal toy or a cheeky bedazzled butt plug, there are all kinds of toys out there to suit the experience you're after. Grab the beads, grab the lube, and let's experiment - for science!

So, feeling better?

Like any sexual first, remember that your nerves can be half the fun. This is an awesome opportunity to explore your body and possibly pick up a new bedroom favourite. Even if you find it isn't for you, there's still no harm in crossing it off your bucket list!

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