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CleanStream Premium One-Way Valve Enema

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CleanStream Premium One-Way Valve Enema

Clean out thoroughly and conveniently with an anal douche that is easy to use, travel with, and clean up after.

A one-way valve reduces messy back-flow so that you can enjoy a stress-free enema experience.

Whether you use it in preparation for anal sex, for health reasons, or simply because you like to feel squeaky clean, this bulb will take care of business!

The soft material is textured, making it easy to grip and giving you the ultimate control.

The nozzle is smooth and long, allowing for a comfortable and deep penetration.

The secure-seal ensures that the nozzle and bulb screw together without allowing for any leaks.

When not in use, the nozzle can be unscrewed, flipped around, and stored inside the bulb.

Measurements: Nozzle is 2 cm in diameter, 12 cm in length.

Holds a water capacity of 300 ml.

Material: Non-toxic PVC.

Colour: Blue.

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