Boneyard Daisy Douche -  Douche Nozzle for Water Bottles

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Boneyard Daisy Douche - Douche Nozzle for Water Bottles

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Go green and reuse your water bottles for another purpose! Daisy makes women's douching discrete and hassle-free, both vaginally and anally. The one piece nozzle simply screws onto most standard water bottles. This makes the Daisy perfect for on the go freshness. Just put hygienic cap on and carry in your purse or pocket. Daisy also allows the user to mix her own formula of douche to obtain her accurate ph balance etc. Daisy, easy to use, easy to clean, environmentally friendly. A must-have for women on the go that want to be fresh. - Fits Most Standard Size Water Bottles - Includes Sanitary Storage and Travel Cap - No Leak design - 2.5mm (6.35cm) Plastic Nozzle

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