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Electro Shock E-Stim Paddle

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Electro Shock E-Stim Paddle

ELECTROSHOCK takes the E-stim world to the next level by introducing this revolutionary ELECTROSHOCK SPANKING to the line-up!

This toy is a fabulous addition to any worthy BDSM collection, for both beginners as well as advanced players!

The “devil” is in the detail and in this case it’s the USB-charging possibility that makes this item stand head and shoulders above the rest!

While others are still attached with wires the ELECTROSHOCK E-STIM PADDLE is WIRELESS!

Charge the toy with the included USB cable for 60 minutes and you’ll get 120 minutes of shockingly exciting playtime.

The paddle is equipped with 12 electro buttons on each side which can be controlled by the 3 buttons on the handle (on/off, plus and minus).

The voltage possibilities range from 142V to a toe curling 312V in just 5 steps!

When switched on the toy starts in the medium setting of 240V and can be lowered or increased by the plus/minus button indicated by a slow or rapid flashing light.

The sturdy handle has a 2.8cm (1.1”) diameter for a firm grip. Made from high-quality polyurethane and ABS this crop will leave a long-lasting impression on your lover or sub.

- Product dimensions: 37 x 8.5 x 2.8 cm

- Product weight: 165 gram

- Speed modes: 5

- Rechargeable: Yes

- Rechargeable time: 60 min

- Recharged battery lifetime: 120 min

- Phthalate free: Yes - Materials: ABS, PU Leather, Metal

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