Kokos Real Hip Alice -  Doggy-Style Masturbator


Kokos Real Hip Alice - Doggy-Style Masturbator

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Increases stimulation through compression and adsorption using the air inside the non-open end product. Hot style vagina design offers a nub-type structure demonstrating different G-spot than that of other conventional products. Inside at the top of the multidimensional structure offers comb stimulation and small nubs, and G-spot and large nubs at the bottom. Design as much as possible close to real women Design is based on an actual woman’s body; the exterior part is identical to women in the size and shape. Softer material than actual women We processed silicon that is very similar to the body to offer smoother texture than real women. INTERNAL STRUCTURE Non-open end internal insertion hole Stronger tightening than that of open-end type; the nubs inside will provide you an unforgettable stimulating experience. Comb structure + large nubs : The inlet of the insertion hole is designed in a comb structure and large nubs, offering strong yet soft stimulation from the insertion. The description is close to the real life for maximizing visual excitation. Realistic structure of internal vagina : Very much like a real vagina, and its many large nubs and the comb structure on the inlet maximize stimulation. Totally safe to human body and the texture is softer than the real skin. Upper comb and bump structure : The upper comb inside brushes upon insertion and the round nubs at the bottom maximize stimulation. The weight of the real size offers stronger internal tightening. Stimulating anal: Small nubs inside offer the real anal feeling and the s-type curve provides stronger tightening. The insertion hole is non-open end type, offering different tightening sensation than that of the conventional products. Size: 30 cm x 23 cm x 14.5 cm

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