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Pipedream Extreme Elite Milk Me Silly - Mega Masturbator

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Pipedream Extreme Elite Milk Me Silly - Mega Masturbator

Twerks, Shakes AND Gyrates Like Crazy! Milking does a hard cock good! We hope you’re ready, because you’re about to enjoy the most intense and realistic milking experience in the world with the Milk Me Silly!

This giant bubble butt masturbator is ready to milk your cock dry with two mega powerful gyrating motors that vibrate and massage at the same time.

You can choose from 5 different rotation functions and 5 different vibration functions for an endless combination of milking fun.

There’s nothing like fucking a big juicy bubble butt, and with over 9 kg of our signature Fanta Flesh, the Milk Me Silly definitely takes it to the next level!

- Dual Gyrating Motors Each cheek features a mega powerful gyrating motor so that your cock gets massaged from both sides at the same time!

Powered by a 24V adapter, each motor provides unparalleled massaging power that will milk your cock dry!

- Ultimate Milking Experience With a gyrating motor on both sides of your cock, and a vibrating bullet below your cock, we’ve got every angle covered to make sure your milking experience is top notch!

- Powerful Vibrating Bullet Strategically placed to maximize the stimulation to your cock, this super powerful vibrating bullet adds another element of pleasure to your milking experience.

- Vibration & Rotation Modes Get ready for an endless combination of milking fun! The gyrating motors offer 5 rotation modes and 5 rotation speeds. The powerful bullet also offers 5 vibration modes and 5 vibration speeds.

- 3 Travel Plugs Included The Milk Me Silly comes with 3 international travel plugs to use with its 24V adapter so you never have to miss a beat! Enjoy powerful vibrations and intense milking action wherever you go!

Quick Start Guide: TURN ON/OFF Press the power button to turn your unit on. When turned on, the LED lights will illuminate indicating what functions may be selected. The other buttons will not function until the unit has been turned on. Press the button again to turn your unit off. Your Milk Me Silly is also designed with an internal timer set to power the unit “OFF” after 30 minutes of continuous use.

Caution - Do not use this unit near any water source. - Always unplug the unit when not in use. - Always unplug the unit when cleaning/rinsing.

- Extended use times can cause the unit to warm – this is normal. - If the until begins to get hot, switch to a lower speed or stop use for a period of time to allow it to cool down. Allowing the unit to run too hot for an extended period of time will cause permanent damage to the product.

- Your Milk Me Silly product has been designed with a safety-stop feature to protect the rotating gears. If too much weight is applied to the internal gears for too long they will slow to a crawl and the unit will stop. Be careful not to put too much weight on the top of the product while the gyrating is active. Doing so can permanently damage the product.

NOTE: Both holes connect to the same internal canal for super easy cleaning. The walls of the tunnel are intended to be tight and stretchy and aren’t very wide when you first start out. With a few uses, the elasticity will increase and should be able to accomodate most sizes.

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