PDX PLUS Perfect 10 Torso -  Mini Torso Masturbator


PDX PLUS Perfect 10 Torso - Mini Torso Masturbator

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Take one glance at her perfectly round rack and perfectly placed privates and you'll know why we call her a Perfect 10! The PDX Plus+ Perfect 10 Torso doesn't just look incredible; it feels so realistic you might actually forget what you are f*cking! Made from our award-winning Fanta Flesh® TPE, this ultra-premium formula mimics the look and feel of natural skin for incredible realism and explosive climaxes. It wiggles and jiggles when you squeeze it, sounds like the real thing when you smack it, and feels like heaven when you slip inside it! With over 4.5 kgs of Fanta Flesh® massaging and wrapping around every inch of your pleasure rod, this busty babe knows what guys want and how to get you off! Flip her over on her belly button and enjoy easy access to her round cheeks and curvy backside... then motor- boat those tata's until you explode! From her beautiful back-swell to the intricate finishing on her honey hole, every detail has been carefully crafted to give you the ultimate life-like experience! - Ultra-Realistic 3D Design: No flat bottom! Flip her over and enjoy multiple positions! - Choose Your Hole: Perfect for those who crave variety! What are you in the mood for? - Intricate Tunnel Design: Professionally designed for maximum pleasure. Each hole features a different pattern! - Front & Back Action! Do her missionary, flip her over, and then give it to her doggystyle!

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